Draw a clock face complete with numbers as shown above.
Fool your friends with this neat trick !!
The One O'Clock Mystery

This is a prediction trick.  Before you start performing this on your victim, write "one" or "one o'clock" on a piece of paper and keep it hidden from sight. 

Have the person put their finger on the 12 and ask them to choose any number on the clock face. Once they do, have them spell the number they selected, moving their finger once for each letter. For instance, if they chose the number 10, they would move their finger three times, winding up on the 3. 

Have them spell the number they landed on, again moving their finger once for each letter. Now have them do so a third time, spelling the number they landed on. They will always wind up on the 1 o'clock, regardless of which number they start on.

Reveal your prediction with a magical flair stating you knew beforehand what their answer would be!  ENJOY !